The Complete Business Intelligence Platform for Measuring Human Centricity at every Touch-point
  • Customer Loyalty

    Customer Loyalty Solutions

    Measure the customer experience to improve your bottom line.

    • Mystery shopping
    • Customer feedback
    • Customer satisfaction surveys
    • Call monitoring
    • Social Media Monitoring
    • Competitive reviews
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  • Compliance

    Compliance Audits

    Identify and improve key performance indicators that drive patient satisfaction.

    • Ensure CMS, MIPPA & Sales compliance
    • Medicare Advantage Plan marketing
    • Operational compliance audits
    • Improve sales agent relationships
    • Audio Assist - Scope of Appointment call recording
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  • Brand Alignment

    Brand Alignment Solutions

    Be sure your customers are getting the right message across all touch points.

    • Mystery Shopping & Customer Feedback Services
    • SmartAgent™ smart phone mobile intelligence gathering
    • Call center call monitoring and recording
    • AdTrack marketing & sales tracking tools
    • Pulse online reputation monitoring
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  • Competitive Evaluations

    Gain a Competitive Edge

    Know how you stack up against the competition in the minds of your customers.

    • Market position reviews
    • Pricing comparisons
    • Smart Agent Mobile intelligence gathering solutions
    • Pulse online reputation monitoring
    • Focus Groups
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  • Organizational Audits

    Build Your Best Team

    Improve employee satisfaction and increase your bottom line.

    • Customer Service Training Tools
    • Employee Engagement Audits
    • Employee Satisfaction surveys
    • Facility Audits
    • Human Resource Audits
    • New hire orientation
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Return on Intelligence

Connect the human dimension of your business – your customers and
– to your bottom line.

Manage your designed customer experience
at every touchpoint through Service Evaluation Concepts unique and custom tailored services.

Measure, manage and monitor
the human dimension and the key performance indicators that matter most for your business.  

Pinpoint actionable opportunities
to increase satisfaction, build loyalty and drive conversion, to improve your bottom line.  

Gain knowledge about customer perceptions, competitive intelligence, financial performance, and employee behaviors with Service Evaluation Concepts comprehensive suite of tools.  

Service Evaluation Concepts provides the tools and resources to ASK | ANALYZE | ACT on what matters most to some of the best known brands in the world. Our value proposition enables our clients to manage the designed customer experience at every touchpoint in the customer journey map.

Our comprehensive Enterprise Feedback Management Suite delivers a complete view of organizational performance to your desktop.

By combining the aggregate knowledge about employee and customer sentiments, competitive intelligence, and financial performance, we will provide pinpoint actionable metrics to increase retention and drive conversion, to improve your bottom line.

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Compliance Intelligence: Helping health care insurers maneuver legal landscape, project positive brand imagen

Compliance Intelligence: Helping health care insurers maneuver legal landscape, project positive brand image

Posted: 2014-05-13 15:35:35

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has opened a vast marketplace for today’s health care insurers as millions of Americans shop for coverage in compliance with the new health care reform law. Yet at the same time, this business boon brings to the forefront a...

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